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sing to me the song of the stars. . .
of your galaxy dancing over and over again
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22nd-Sep-2005 02:55 pm - .:blah:.
alot's been happening lately, but that's strictly on a need-to-know basis.

anyway, today was an okay day.

genesis dragged it out of me who i like and i really didn't wanna tell her. i don't think it'll kill me, but i just hope she'll do more good than harm, maybe she can make things happen. she says i look cute with him. i know liza's gonna kill me for telling her. lol. "liza" and "kill" in the same sentence, doesn't go together. lol.

oh, crap. i have the auditions for the star-spangled banner in, like, an hour and a half. i have madrigal auditions tommorrow. someone shoot me, please. i'm gonna screw up so terribly, i don't know my part that well. grrrrr! why did i sign up????

well, at least i have tonight's practice to look foward to, i get to see him! that cheers me up a bit.
12th-Sep-2005 08:50 pm - happy birthday shannon t. kopp!
today was an okay day. i'm starting to get back into the swing of school. i pretty much think i have a handle on each teacher's style.

yeah, nothing much to report today. did homework. finished watching the dci tape. omg - i wish i could be part of an independent drum corp's color guard. they are soooo amazing, but unfortunately i lack the expierience necessary to be in such an ensemble.

p.s. kristine, the only reason why wyman wanted us to watch is, in case you missed, it is b/c the cadets won.


yeah, this entry didn't make much sense, but whatever
9th-Sep-2005 03:08 pm(no subject)
1. Go here.
2. Pass it on.
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1st-Sep-2005 09:13 pm(no subject)
wow, i'm looking at the calender atop of my live journal. september first already? wow, i start school in less than a week. awww man.

i miss all my friends and stuff, but i don't wanna go back. but yet i want my schedual. stupid hicksville, can't give us our scheduals. grrrrrr.

anyway, today, i went to the beach for the first and last time all summer. can you believe it? it was a lot of fun. i brought my ipod and this one family of girls that came with us wanted to listen to it and they asked me a few questions about the ipod.

then we went to the pool, all in the name of "getting the sand out of our bathing suits." my mom wouldn't let me drive home, even though i proposed that we take the side streets. booo.

then when we got home, my brother and his friend kept making fun of me b/c i'm a jets fan. and i was kind of mad after that. whatever, when the giants loose and don't get to go to the playoffs, we'll see whose happy. ((sorry if you're a giants fan, i'm just a little mad and tired right now))
23rd-Aug-2005 01:14 pm(no subject)
i'm feeling a bit happier than i've been in the past few days. which is good because i hate putting on an act for people. it's wierd, but i feel like people at my church, who i've mainly been seeing this week, see me as this good, little innocent, happy person. and you guys know that i'm not like that. i get frustrated, i get depressed, and you know that i'm not totally innocent. anyway. sorry, that just kinda happened.
well, today, after vbs, i took a bunch of younger girls who are helping out to quizno's, which is conviently located down the block from the church. it was good. then i came home. then i indulged myself by downloading jessica simpson's "i'm gonna love you forever". yeah, if jessica grosses you out, i'm sorry, but i love that song.
anyway, marching band tonight, grrrr. i wish i could just learn the show and the flag work in my sleep and just go to syracuse from there. lol. i know it doesn't work like that, but it would be lovely if it did.
30th-Jul-2005 03:31 pm(no subject)
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