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sing to me the song of the stars. . .
of your galaxy dancing over and over again
well, i gots a new layout, please do look, it's very beautiuous.… 
22nd-Oct-2005 11:36 am
well, i gots a new layout, please do look, it's very beautiuous.

last night at practice, lindsey gave us work for the end of the show. it's easy, but i can't get it for anything. yeah, i really shouldn't be complaining because the other girls aren't and i look to the other girls as my standard.

and other than that, last night's rehearsal was majorly frustrating. i wasn't in top form. i was screwing up work. i did wrong drill and i forgot to set a flag and i went out with the wrong flag. and excuse me lindsey, i didn't know that you need to not go out if you don't have the right flag and all. how longa have i been in guard? yeah, that's right, this is my first year.

other than that, the past couple days have been alright. hopefully tonight won't be too rainy at walt whitman.

oh, and p.s., i saw my kevin artan yesterday. he noticed that i was very happy, because of *him* and i said i was reaally good.

oh and P.P.S - has anyone ever noticed how much the drumline's cadence sounds like the drum part in "loose my breath"?
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