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sing to me the song of the stars. . .
of your galaxy dancing over and over again
.:maybe this time i'll be lucky:. 
12th-Oct-2005 03:01 pm
yet another day off ((aka catching up on hw that's waaayyy past due, starting my english project, wasting time watching crap on TV, the usual)).

anyway, today was a good day. today physics was a complete joke. debeer seriously pisses me off, but it's like a repeat of powell's class, so the people make it hilarious.

and today in math class instead of saying, "michael jordan" ms. warner said "michael jackson". lol. so, some of the bright, intelligent people in my class started singing "billie jean" and me and kristine were singing the intro to "smooth criminal". lol. and then some dude sings, at the top of his lungs, "get yourself an egg and beat it". omg, it was interesting to say the least.

don't know what tonight or tomorrow holds in store for me, but this rain better go away!!!! i don't like it one bit.

P.S. - i've decided to come out and say it: i am in love with daniel radcliff's ((harry potter)) sexiness in movie four. i know erin's gonna kill me, but it's a risk i'm willing to take. lol.
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