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sing to me the song of the stars. . .
of your galaxy dancing over and over again
tell them how i am defying gravity . . . . 
8th-Oct-2005 01:36 pm
let's see, when did i last update?

okay, my grandma is doing much better, she had her biopsy, blah, blah blah, she's okay.

over the vacation, i went to see "flightplan", didn't mention that. it was pretty good, except for the fact that they made you fill in a huge plot hole.

thursday i had to pull an almost all-nighter because i didn't do my health or my ap us projects. so, that was fun.

yesterday i almost fell asleep in dr. max's class. she had the lights off and her lecture was one of the most god-awful boring ones that i've ever heard in my entire life. i had my eyes closed and she called on me b/c she noticed that i was dozing off. but, if you've had dr. max, can you blame me? honestly.

and, well, in marching band news, giants stadium is cancelled. gahhhh! but i learned how to toss a rifle yesterday. i also saw vouvou, which was good.
8th-Oct-2005 09:49 pm (UTC)
if you've had dr. max, can you blame me? honestly

Just ask Alycia...
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